e 5” AirTail Rattler may be one of the most innovative worm designs to come to market.  Years in design and development, this new product gives anglers multiple options with one lure.

The AirTail chamber gives anglers a variety of options to adapt to real-time fishing situations. Right out of the package you will get a bait that has that tail floating advantage you want on a Texas Rig, C- Rig, Shaky Head and Weightless Rig.

If you want to attract some attention to your fishing presentation, insert our custom designed rattle to the AirTail chamber.  AirTail Custom Rattles Custom built for the AirTail chamber and you won’t throw it out. This custom 2-Ball rattle gives it the perfect sound that will get you bit even in the toughest conditions. If you choose to use a different rattle, just seal the chamber hole tip shut, with glue.

With the ever popular Wacky Rig, the new AirTail chamber lets you take this technique to a new level. No more weighted nail weights to stick in your lure. With ability to add weight in the hollow AirTail chamber you can now add split-shot weights and melt or glue the tip hole shut. Being able to adjust the fall rate to your liking and conditions. Also, this weight adding technique is a great way to adjust the fall/action of the 5" ATR on a straight, weightless TX-Rig. Causing the bait to swim backwards into the targeted treeline, grass-line or submerged brush pile.

If you want to use scent to attract the bite, inject the AirTail with your favorite gel-scent. Create a scent trail to your bait, mimicking the real thing and getting a burst on the strike.

If you have searched for the ultimate Carolina Rig, Shaky Head, TX-Rig, Neko or Weightless Rig, that will float and stand straight up?  You have now found it.  With an unbelievable tail shimmy action on the fall and with every rod twitch, the 5" AirTail Rattler will become your new go-to-bait... very fast!  8 Pack


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